Genesis mobile menu and sticky menu top bar

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Since there was no plugin for hamburger style mobile menu for Genesis framework, I decided to make one for my sites. You can download it from WordPress plugin repository.
Also in the plugin you have option to make navigation sticky to the top, when visitor scrolls down the page for x amount of pixels. You can choose either primary or secondary Genesis menu to become sticky.

ronimarinGenesis mobile menu and sticky menu top bar
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Time lapse rotator using GoPro Hero3 with kitchen timer

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Making of time lapse rotator in 5 minutes. Interesting project since most rotation accessories for cameras are in my opinion pretty overpriced. So I went into some digging and ordered from e-bay an kitchen timer. It rotates for 60 minutes which is slow enough for decent timelapse. Then I modified it a bit to be able to mount a GoPro Hero3 on top of it.

ronimarinTime lapse rotator using GoPro Hero3 with kitchen timer
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Web Design Typography

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Web design typography is big thing! Lately I’ve been exploring typography and its influence in web design. First we are past default 12 pixel font size and 10 pixel padding. Nowadays it is recommended to start with 16 pixels fonts and at least 26 pixel padding to allow clean layout and enough white space. Days of standard fonts are long gone, and custom web fonts arrived ages ago. Why talk about it right now? Well, I just started getting more into typography lately and it is just more on my mind. using custom web fonts can change the look of the website dramatically without the need of using images. We all know (at least should know) that site speed is really important. Using images where we can just use css and custom fonts does not make sense any more. Not just because of speed, but also from SEO point of view.

ronimarinWeb Design Typography
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Honda NC700X DCT

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My new toy – Honda NC700X DCT! Actually I bought it in May 2012 and got it in July 2012. First impression was great. I went with a friend on a bike to Rijeka for pickup, and we drove along Adriatic coast from Rijeka to Split and back home to Bol. Ride was amazing, Honda NC700X DCT is really great all around bike. It took 10 minutes getting used to new DCT gear shifting and I wonder how come they did not make that earlier. Shifting is so smooth. What surprised me even more fuel consumption really is amazingly low, average consumption for the ride of roughly 400 kilometers was 3 liters per 100 kilometers! Now after few months of riding it, I can confirm it over-delivered, the bike is all I wished for. Honda did a great job lowering center of gravity and you do not have a feeling that bike has 220 kilos, it feels more like riding a bicycle. Daily commute, slow turns and maneuvering is so easy. Storage compartment in place where

ronimarinHonda NC700X DCT
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Enhanced WordPress gallery shortcode plugin

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Enhanced WordPress Gallery plugin is simple plugin that changes core WordPress galery shortcode to display all image properties, namely it displays Title, Caption and Description of the image if those fields are entered for images in native WordPress media management. Just download the plugin zip file and upload to /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WP instalation. Go to dashboard/plugins and activate the plugin. That is all, no options to configure, no overhead code. If image has any of the fields, plugin will just display them under the image.

Enhanced WordPress Gallery plugin I made after attempt to use original WordPress gallery shortcode to create galleries and integrate Paypal shopping cart (using WP simple Paypal shopping cart plugin). I needed to somehow display shortcode to add buy button. This way I can use one of the default media library fields to insert shortcode. This plugin adds galery display for all image info, title, alt, caption and description.
Also if you want to use fancybox (I recommend using Fancybox for WordPress) or some other lightbox effect on images, you will need to add this bit of code to your template functions file insert needed class elements for effect to function (I intend to incorporate this into plugin in next version as a simple checkbox option). What this function does is it just adds classes to link needed for fancybox to work.

function add_class_attachment_link($html){
$postid = get_the_ID();
$html = str_replace('<a','<a class="fancybox" rel="gallerygroup"', $html);
return $html;

If you are using some other lightbox library just change the class names on line 3.

class="fancybox" rel="gallerygroup"

This is how galery is displayed:

enhanced wordpress gallery shortcode

This is work in progress, as I intend to add plugin options page and include extra functionality found on my website photo galleries.
You can download plugin here: Enhanced WordPress Gallery
If you find this plugin useful, feel free to buy me a coffee :)

ronimarinEnhanced WordPress gallery shortcode plugin
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