Why as a freelancer I work through Codeable?


Who am I, in case you missed it

I am a Codeable WordPress Expert, meaning I completed a thorough vetting process to join the community as one of the top 2% of WordPress developers in the world!

Apart from being a part of this amazing community of experts since July 2020., I have been making websites since I bought my first domain name in 1998. Working with WordPress for over 14 years now, building websites from scratch and making them load fast even before fast loading became important and a buzz.

Why I take my work to Codeable?

I have been developing mainly WordPress websites over the last 14 years as a freelance developer as a side job, most of my work was coming in through word-of-mouth and regular clients. During the notorious COVID19 outbreak and lockdown I needed a new steady inflow of new clients since my main business at the time went down to zero. I have been trying platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and similar to reach clients. All of those were basically a complete waste of time, to get a project was near to impossible since those platforms are overcrowded with developers, not even mentioning the price dumping involved to get the project. This is not something I wanted, since it gives no quality work if you lower the price and quickly just produce ‘something’, both I and more important, clients will not be happy. It made no sense and I quickly gave up.

When I found out about Codeable, the first thing that came to my mind after reading about their vetting process was, “am I good enough?” After trying to find out about the platform and reading about experiences, I decided to apply – and here I am, proud, happy, and grateful to be part of the amazing Codeable community of top developers in the WordPress sphere. The application process took almost two months, from the application, interviews, test project development, live coding interview, onboarding. But it was a life-changing experience since then, for much better of course!

Top benefits of Codeable platform

The only global WordPress freelance marketplace with pre-vetted WordPress experts.

  • Focused on WordPress exclusively
  • Strictly vetted WordPress experts only
  • No bidding pricing system
  • Free to post a project and get an estimate
  • No obligation to hire
  • Quality and satisfaction guarantee
  • The 28-day warranty period for bug fixing
  • Always-there customer support
  • The community of experts, not competition
  • A purpose over profit business

Top benefits for clients

  • Get reliable, pre-vetted WordPress experts that will deliver even when it’s urgent
  • Have virtually any WordPress-related task solved
  • Build lasting relationships with developers that know their business
  • Focus on scaling the business, not their WordPress website

Read more here on how Codeable works.

Top benefits for developers

  • The amazing community behind the scenes, ready to help each other at any time
  • Coaching, support & professional development
  • No competition between the developers, only coopetition
  • New client onboarding
  • A streamlined process for correspondence with clients, all in one place
  • Guaranteed minimum hourly rates
  • Escrow service for payments, projects are funded up-front, and payment is released to developers when the client approves

Are you a WordPress expert developer? Apply here!
Be sure to drop me a line and I can get you to the top of the cue.

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Roni Marinkovic

Roni Marinkovic

Codeable Expert WordPress developer with a passion for optimizing WordPress websites. Spending time creating functional, high-performing WordPress websites for 15 years and websites for 24 years! I'm either windsurfing, scuba diving, hiking, or riding a motorbike when not working.

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