Honda NC700X DCT

Honda nc700x dct

My new toy – Honda NC700X DCT! Actually, I bought it in May 2012 and got it in July 2012. The first impression was great. I went with a friend on a bike to Rijeka for pickup, and we drove along the Adriatic coast from Rijeka to Split and back home to Bol. The ride was amazing, Honda NC700X DCT is really a great all-around bike. It took 10 minutes to get used to new DCT gear shifting and I wonder how come they did not make that earlier. Shifting is so smooth. What surprised me even more fuel consumption really is amazingly low, average consumption for the ride of roughly 400 kilometers was 3 liters per 100 kilometers! Now after few months of riding it, I can confirm it over-delivered, the bike is all I wished for. Honda did a great job lowering the center of gravity and you do not have a feeling that the bike has 220 kilos, it feels more like riding a bicycle. Daily commute, slow turns, and maneuvering are so easy. Storage compartment in a place where normally fuel tank is, removes the need for the top box in the city completely. It is so large that you can stuff there all you need for your daily commute.

Here are some photos of my Honda NC700X DCT and few stock photos by Honda

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