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Solving wordpress performance issues

8 Common WordPress performance issues and how to fix them

Are you having issues with slow-loading WordPress websites? What can you do to resolve WordPress performance issues? Yes, it can be pretty frustrating for you and your visitors if your website is slow loading. As most of you know, Google started to take speed, specifically Core Web Vitals scores, into

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Core web vitals - lighthouse scoring calculator
Website Speed

Core Web Vitals explained

Core Web Vitals are part of Google’s Web Vital measurements using the Lighthouse tool, and they apply to all pages. The current CWV relevant measurements focus on three aspects of the user experience; loading, interactivity, and visual stability, and they are: These three metrics should be under recommended values for at least

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Why as a freelancer I work through Codeable?

Who am I, in case you missed it I am a Codeable WordPress Expert, meaning I completed a thorough vetting process to join the community as one of the top 2% of WordPress developers in the world! Apart from being a part of this amazing community of experts since July 2020.,

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Genesis mobile menu settings

Genesis mobile menu and sticky menu top bar

UPDATE: This plugin is not maintained for a long time now, no use for it any longer. If you think you might need something like it, feel free to drop me a message. Since there was no plugin for a hamburger-style mobile menu for the Genesis framework, I decided to

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Website design

Web Design Typography

Web design typography is a big thing! Lately, I’ve been exploring typography and its influence on web design. First, we are past the default 12-pixel font size and 10-pixel padding. Nowadays it is recommended to start with 16 pixels fonts and at least 26-pixel padding to allow a clean layout

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